"The Story of the 9th King's in France"
Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts

[Originally published by the Northern Publishing Company Ltd., Liverpool in 1922]


Some time ago, at the request of one or two officers, I undertook a labour of love in writing the story of this Battalion from rather meagre materials. Unfortunately many of the Battalion records were burnt, and the War Diary did not contain all that I had hoped to find.

This book is an amplification of some notes that were written at Maroeuil a month or two after the Armistice was declared, and it is written primarily for the officers and men who served with the Regiment in France, and also that the parents and relatives of the fallen may know something of the Regiment.

The names of individuals belonging to the Battalion, with the exception of the Commanding Officers, have been omitted. To insert one would create the difficulty of knowing where to stop. Though a history confined strictly to the doings of one battalion, it is hoped that this book may prove of interest to members of other units with which the Battalion was from time to time brigaded. My thanks are due to Major J. W. B. Hunt, M.C., and Captain G. F. Buckle, M.C., for the assistance they have afforded me, and also to those officers whose financial help has made the publication of this book possible.

52, Hamilton Square,
March, 1922.



The 1st Division

The Battle of Aubers Ridge

The Battle of Loos

The 55th Division


The Battle of the Somme


The Third Battle of Ypres


The Battle of Cambrai

The 57th Division

The Second Battle of Arras




Appendix - List of Decorations earned by officers and men while serving with the Battalion.